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Advantages of listing you home with agent who specializes in financing…

  • You save time and a lot of stress! A Realtor who is only a real estate agent can’t be sure if your property will qualify for certain loan programs your buyer may be using. Since I’m also licensed Loan Originator I know if your home will qualify or not. Also to save you even more time I can pre-qualify each potential buyer so you won’t get locked in 30+ days contracts with buyers who can’t perform.
  • My combined knowledge of real estate sales and financing allows us for creative solutions to make your move up smoother. How would you like to purchase your next home even before you sell your current property? With a bridge loan you can! Or how about living in your home after you sell it so you don’t have to rush to buy next property? Creative solutions are my specialty!

Make your home sale EASY, FAST and for TOP DOLLAR – contact me today at 323.455.7575 or email


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