Get financing

Getting pre-approved for the loan ahead of time gives you significant advantage as a buyer. Letter from a lender creates a PURCHASE POWER is the eyes of your agent and more importantly the seller. In a current seller’s market it is often a necessity as your offer without lender pre-approval letter may not be even considered.

The benefits of pre-approval letter early…

• Helps you refine your search by letting you know
how much home you can buy

• Gives you a competitive edge over other buyers

• Demonstrates to real estate agents and sellers alike
that you are a qualified buyer

• Lets you establish a commitment without the

• Allows you to plan and budget for home ownership

• Costs nothing up front, so call us today!

As a real estate agent and a loan officer I can speed up the purchase process, make it easier and more efficient. And I can SAVE YOU $$$.

Get pre-qualified and/or pre-approved today. Fill out this form and me or a member of my team will contact you within 24hrs.

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