About me

cv pic 1Hi there! My name is Ewa (Eva) Reza. I’m California licensed Realtor and Loan Originator.  I’m also a landlord, investor and entrepreneur. Yes! I do it all. And I have a lot of fun doing it. I’ve always been passionate about real estate, about its investment opportunities.and unique long term wealth building capabilities. Real estate has a certain gravity that no matter what I do, no matter what new ventures I start, I always stay close to real estate. Last 14 years I’ve been dealing with real estate market in many different capacities – from residential property sales to commercial leasing, acquisition and development.

I’m a strong advocate of buying multifamily properties (2-4 units). They are tricky if it comes to both valuation and financing. With Los Angeles rent control laws and special rules for 3-4 unit FHA financing most of loan officers give up. But I like challenges! I can close loans that others can’t.

Ewa Reza

Call/email me or leave a message in the contact form below…


cell: 323.455.7575


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